I’m Jim Grey. I’ve made my living in the software industry since 1989. I wrote code a very long time ago, but have built my career on testing, technical writing, and managing releases, projects, and people.

When you’ve been delivering software as long as I have, you’re bound to have learned a few things and have formed some opinions. Now, my opinions come from years of delivering business software products. This is different from delivering software to internal users (I’ve done a little of that, actually) or to consumers (which I’ve finally done, at my current company). But software delivery has more in common even among these three different kinds of users than it has to manufacturing or to flipping burgers. So whatever kind of software you make, I think you’ll find some value here. And I hope you’ll share your perspectives with me in the comments.

I post here as often as I have something to say. If you’d like to read more of my writing on other topics, check out my main blog, Down the Road. I post there six days a week.


The content on this site reflects my own opinions and positions. I do not speak for any of my employers, past or present. My current employer is the home-services Internet service Angie’s List.


Text is copyright 2013-20 Jim Grey. I reserve all rights. If you want to republish my work the answer will be no, but I’d be happy to talk with you about doing new original work for you. Use the contact form below to reach me.

Unless otherwise noted, I made all the images you see here. They are subject to the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, which basically means that you are free to use them in your noncommercial works if you don’t change them and if you credit me (Jim Grey) and link back to the image. For any other use, contact me first for permission.


You can contact me using this form. I’ll reply to whatever email account you specify.

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