Welome to

An update to this site’s name.

When I started this site a bunch of years ago I called it Stories from the Software Salt Mines, and gave it the domain I thought it would be a group blog, me and a couple colleagues telling crazy stories from the work we’ve done. It would be cathartic and fun.

Instead, it’s been just me. From the start I’ve shared the things I’ve learned along the way about delivering software through leading people well. If you read every post on this site, you’ll have a pretty good idea about how I approach my work as a leader of engineers and testers. This site has become a portfolio of my ideas.

A few years ago when I launched a job search I realized that this blog is a good marketing tool. I changed the masthead to my name.

Now I’m changing the primary domain to my name, too. I’ve owned for probably 20 years now, so I hung a subdomain off it and am redirecting it to this site.

With that, welcome to My old domain is paid through April so I’ll keep it for a while and let it redirect. But one day I’ll pull the plug on my old domain.

The old name will live on in the background, however, as I used softwaresaltmines to register this blog with If you’re ever feeling nostalgic for the old days, just type into your browser. You’ll come right here.

By Jim Grey

Writer. Photographer. Leader of geeks.

2 replies on “Welome to”

When I worked in Seattle a million years ago, there was a company called Saltmine – their office was next to mine on Lake Union, and I had a friend who worked there. They did web sites, back in the mid-90s when that was still a big thing. I think they got bought by an IT firm which then went bankrupt around the crash in 08 or 09.


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